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The Essential Shot: Family Portrait in Newborn Sessions

When it comes to newborn photography, one of the essential shots that should not be missed is the family portrait. It may seem daunting for new moms who are still recovering from labor and delivery, but including yourself in the newborn pictures has its own unique significance.

As a professional photographer, I have witnessed how these precious moments have become treasured memories for my clients and their families. In this article, I will share with you some reasons why the family portrait is considered as a must-have in newborn sessions and how I can help you look your best even if it’s just days after giving birth.

The Importance of Documenting Your Beginning

A family portrait in newborn sessions serves as a documentation of a new chapter in your life. From weddings to first homes, pregnancies to children, these are the precious moments that you will want to look back on and share with future generations. And there’s no doubt that the birth of your child is one of the most significant moments in your life – one that will be cherished forever.

Your newborn session family portrait is not just a photo, but it tells a story of love and growth within your family. It captures the excitement, joy, and emotion of becoming parents for the first time.

And as time passes by, this photo will become even more valuable to you and your loved ones – serving as a reminder of where you began and how far you have come as a family. So despite any insecurities about your body, embrace this moment and celebrate the beginning of your parenthood journey.


Capturing Pure Love and Beauty with Light & Grace Photography

As a professional newborn photographer, I understand that new moms may feel self-conscious about their post-birth appearance. But rest assured, I am here to help you look your best in the family portrait.

With years of experience and specialized training in newborn photography, I have developed techniques to capture pure love and emotion in every photo. From choosing the right wardrobe colors to using advanced Photoshop skills, I will ensure that you are confident and comfortable during your session. My goal is for you to see nothing but pure love when you look at your family portrait.

And as a bonus, the poses I guide you through will also help to minimize any postpartum weight gain and tired eyes. So trust me to be your photographer who is essentially a plastic surgeon, physical trainer, and dentist all wrapped up in one! All I ask from you is to simply be in the moment and enjoy the snuggles with your newborn. Let your love and happiness shine through in every photo.

Things to Consider Before and During Your Session

Before your newborn session, I highly recommend discussing any concerns or preferences you have for the family portrait with me. Whether it’s a specific pose, style, or location, I want to ensure that your vision is captured in the photos.

During the photo session, remember to relax and simply enjoy this special moment with your family. Don’t worry about trying to look perfect – the most beautiful photos are often the candid ones. And don’t be afraid to ask for breaks if needed, as newborn sessions can take some time. A three-hour session is a norm for newborn photoshoots.


Why Family Portrait is a Must-Have in Newborn Sessions

The family portrait is an essential shot that should not be missed in newborn sessions for several reasons. It serves as a documentation of your new chapter as parents and captures the love and emotion of becoming parents for the first time.

With my specialized skills and techniques, I will help you feel confident and comfortable during the session, resulting in photos that radiate with pure love. And by displaying your family portrait in your home, it serves as a constant reminder of where you began and how much your family has grown.

So if you’re interested in capturing this precious moment with Light & Grace Photography, one of the best newborn photographers in the Hampton Roads area, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to answer any questions and make your newborn session a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.

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Book Your Newborn Session with Light & Grace Photography

If you’re interested in learning more about newborn photography or would like to reserve your own session, I am only one message away! My clients often ask me what makes Light & Grace Photography stand out from other newborn photographers in the Hampton Roads area. And my answer is simple – it’s my passion and dedication to capturing pure love and emotion in every photo.

I offer a variety of session options to fit your needs, including maternity, newborn, milestone, and family sessions. Each session is personalized and styled according to your preferences, ensuring a unique experience and one-of-a-kind photos.

And with my expertise in newborn photography, I guarantee that your family portrait will be a cherished memory for you and your loved ones to look back on for years to come.

You can also call me at (757) 797-5855 or send an email to I can’t wait to capture your special moments with Light & Grace Photography!


When is the best time to have our very first family portrait taken with our new baby?

The best time to capture your post birth family portraits is usually within the first few weeks after your newborn baby arrives. This period is perfect for newborn photography as it captures the essence of your family right from the very beginning.

What is the style of newborn photography that you offer for your newborn sessions?

My primary style is posed newborn style that is done in studio. I have a ton of training done in this area in terms of techniques for safely positioning your baby and utilizing angles and lighting to capture the adorable features—such as chubby cheeks, lips, eyelashes, and tiny fingers and toes—in the most flattering manner possible. I also do a lot of advanced editing to make sure the skin is perfect in every possible way. Occasionally I do some lifestyle newborn shots as well that focus on photographing babies in their natural environment and some candid moments.

How can I ensure we get the best family portrait during our newborn session?

The key to a successful family portrait is preparation and communication with your newborn and family photographers. Discuss your vision, any specific shots you want, and let them know any special routines or activities that you’d like to capture. Remember, professional photos are meant to tell your unique story, so feel free to incorporate elements that reflect your family’s personality.

Why should we invest in professional photos of our newborn baby and family?

Professional family portraits are not just photos; they are heirlooms that will be cherished by your children someday. They capture the love, joy, and excitement that comes with welcoming a new baby into your family. These moments are fleeting, and professional photos ensure they’re beautifully preserved for generations to come.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the days after giving birth pass you by without capturing this special time in your family’s journey. With Light & Grace Photography, I will help you look and feel your best while documenting the pure love and emotion of becoming parents.

From choosing the right wardrobe to posing confidently, I am here to guide you through every step of the way. And with our personalized sessions and unique styling, your family portrait will serve as a beautiful reminder of where you began and how far you have come. So book your session today and let Light & Grace Photography capture your love and grace in every photo.

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