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How to select wedding photography and videography packages

Choosing the right wedding photography and videography packages is crucial in preserving the memories of your special day.

It’s not just about capturing moments, it’s about encapsulating the emotion, the atmosphere, and the unique story of your wedding.

With the right approach, you can ensure that every laugh, tear, and dance move is immortalized in a way that resonates with you for years to come.

To make sure you choose the right package, we have prepared this blog for you. This blog will guide you in choosing the ideal wedding photography and videography packages to fit your style, expectations, and budget.

Understanding Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

When we talk about wedding videography and photography packages, we’re referring to bundled services offered by professionals to capture your wedding day.

These packages can vary greatly in terms of what’s included, ranging from basic coverage of the ceremony to more comprehensive options.

Key Terms and Options Explained:

  • Full-Day Coverage: This typically means the photographer and/or videographer will be present for the entirety of your wedding day, from getting ready to the final send-off.
  • Highlights Video: A short, edited video that captures the essence of your wedding day, usually set to music.
  • Raw Footage: Unedited video footage of your wedding day, which can be great for reliving moments that didn’t make it into the highlights reel.

It’s essential to understand these terms and what’s generally included in wedding photography and videography packages so you can make informed decisions.

For example, if you’re someone who values the candid moments just as much as the planned ones, ensuring your package includes full-day coverage might be crucial.

In addition to the services provided, these packages can also vary in terms of the deliverables you receive post-wedding, such as the:

  • Number of edited images
  • The length of your wedding video
  • Whether or not you get digital files, prints, or albums.

Some photographers and videographers also offer online galleries or apps where you and your guests can view and share photos and videos.

By understanding these options, you can start to form an idea of what’s most important to you and what questions you’ll need to ask potential vendors to find the perfect fit for your wedding day.

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Ways to Select Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

In this section, we have listed all the ways you can use to select the right wedding photography and videography package for your wedding.

1. Define Your Style and Needs

Browse wedding blogs and magazines to pinpoint photo and video styles that speak to you—be it airy and natural, moody and dramatic, or clean and cinematic.

List moments that are non-negotiable for capture, such as the exchange of vows, first kiss, speeches, and family reactions.

Think about unique add-ons like a love story video before the wedding, same-day edits to show during the reception or a dedicated videographer for guest messages.

2. Set a Budget

Financial advisors often recommend allocating 10-15% of your total wedding budget to photography and videography. Of course, you can go above or below if you want to.

Prices vary widely by region. Obtain quotes from several local providers to understand the market rate.

If photos and videos are crucial for you, consider cutting back on less important areas, like decorations or favors, to allocate more funds here.

3. Research Providers

Don’t just skim photos and videos, look for consistency across different lighting situations and types of weddings.

Platforms like WeddingWire and The Knot are gold mines for reviews. Pay attention to mentions of how the provider handled unexpected situations.

It’s not just for fun, it gives you a sense of their latest work and how they engage with their community.

And if you are having difficulty finding the right wedding videographer, check this.

4. Compare Packages

Some packages offer a set number of hours, while others might cover events (e.g., from getting ready to the first dance).

Know the difference between raw footage, a highlight reel, and a full-length video. Ask if the photos are delivered in high resolution, suitable for printing.

Some packages might include perks like a slideshow for the rehearsal dinner or parent albums at no extra cost.

5. Assess Package Flexibility

If packages don’t fit perfectly, ask if you can build your own or modify existing ones to better suit your needs.

Knowing the cost of additional hours or services upfront can help you make informed decisions later.

6. Check for Hidden Costs

Inquire about travel fees, it is especially important if your venue is out of town. Some photographers and videographers charge a flat rate, while others might bill actual travel expenses.

Clarify how much extra time costs. Wedding days can run long, and knowing the overtime rate can help avoid surprises.

Are there costs for additional edits, prints, or albums? Knowing this can help you plan your post-wedding budget.

Not checking hidden costs can lead to regret post-wedding.

7. Schedule Consultations

You’ll be spending a lot of time with these professionals on your big day. Make sure their personality and working style match yours. Discuss in detail regarding bridal photography.

Bring a list of your must-have shots and discuss how they would capture those.

It might sound technical, but ensuring they have backup equipment can give you peace of mind.

8. Review Contracts Carefully

Every detail, from coverage hours to delivery timelines, should be clearly documented in the contract.

Life is unpredictable. Understand the terms if you or the provider need to cancel.

Know if you have the right to share photos online or if you need to credit the photographer/videographer.

9. Make Your Decision

Take your time to compare your top choices. Discuss with your partner to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Sometimes, the cheapest option isn’t the best. Consider what you’re getting for your money.

If you have a good feeling about a provider, that’s a strong indicator they’re the right choice for you.

10. Book Early

Popular photographers and videographers can book up to a year in advance, especially during peak wedding season.

Be prepared to put down a deposit to secure your date. This is standard practice and secures their services for your wedding.

Making the Final Decision

By this stage, you’ve researched, compared, and possibly customized your options. Now, it’s time to make that final decision, ensuring it aligns with your vision, budget, and expectations.

Summarizing the Key Points to Consider

Before signing on the dotted line, revisit the critical factors that will influence your satisfaction with the photography and videography of your wedding day:

  • Style Compatibility
  • Package Value
  • Professional Rapport
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Reviews and References

Listening to Your Gut Feeling

While practical considerations are important, your instinctual feelings about a photographer or videographer shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have a strong positive or negative gut reaction, consider it seriously in your final decision. Your comfort and confidence in your choice will reflect in your wedding day experience and the memories captured.

Final Thoughts

Selecting your wedding photography and videography package is a significant decision. Take the time to research and choose wisely to ensure your wedding day is captured beautifully and remains a treasure for years to come.


How do I know which photography and videography style suits my wedding?

Check out various portfolios to identify styles you’re drawn to, such as documentary, traditional, or cinematic. Your venue and wedding theme can also influence your choice.

What’s the average cost for wedding photography and videography packages?

Costs vary widely by location and package details, but couples typically allocate 10-15% of their total wedding budget to photography and videography services.

Can I customize a photography and videography package if it doesn’t perfectly fit my needs?

Yes, many professionals offer customizable packages or a la carte options to better match your specific requirements and budget.

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