How Will I See My Maternity Photos & Newborn Photos After My Session?

My favorite part of photography (wait, that’s not true – I adore snuggling with babies during newborn photos too) is the reveal session when you get to see what your love has created in an artfully captured portrait! It’s priceless to see the reaction couples have when they see their portrait for the first time! It’s not unusual for Moms and Dads to cry during their emotional reveal. The reaction is always the same, no matter whether it’s a maternity or newborn session: pure love and joy.

The Reveal: Maternity & Newborn Photos Session

It’s likely that you’re wondering when you’ll get a first glimpse of your maternity and newborn photos, whether you’re still scheduling them or have already taken them. In contrast to other photography turnarounds, you can expect to receive your first look about within two weeks after your portraits are taken. That’s all the time I need to enhance your best maternity and newborn photos.

Approximately two weeks after we had the portrait session (it often times could be sooner!), I will contact you and arrange for you to come back to the studio for a preview and order session, during which you will be able to see your artwork on your very own walls using my specialized software program. We will see a slide show of your gorgeous photo together at my studio! If you want to see it elsewhere, I am more than happy to meet a coffee shop or other local places that are convenience to you. Don’t have time because you’re a newborn parent? I totally get it! Not a problem! I love doing the reveal session using web conferencing apps like Zoom as well! I know you will LOVE what you see no matter where you see them!

Displaying Your Photos in Your Home

After the slideshow, I will walk you through the process of designing your home with beautiful photos. My software has some great features that take the guesswork out of how to tastefully use your artwork to complement your home interior design. The easiest way to describe this process is that it’s similar to how interior designers layer rooms on HGTV to help clients imagine the final design. My software goes one step further. And so you can hang a full-size portrait of yourself on your own wall. You can even add frames to them or create gallery walls.

Newborn photos and family portraits are perfect works of art for high-traffic areas such as the living room above the mantel piece or sofa. I am sure you want all your visitors and guests to see that beautiful baby! Maternity photos are perfect for bedrooms, hallways and more. No matter where you display your photos, we can show you exactly how they will look in your home before you even hold them in your hands. It sounds pretty amazing, isnt it?

A family newborn photos portrait displayed above a fireplace.

Need some more tips? Newborn photos and your first family portrait are perfect art pieces for high-traffic areas like your living room over a mantel or a sofa. Maternity photos go great in areas like bedrooms, hallways, etc. No matter where you are thinking of displaying your photography, I will be able to show you exactly how they will look in your home before your even have them in your hands!

Lastly, what I love about the preview and ordering session particularly when it comes to newborn photography, is the fact that this is your first chance to see just how fast your baby grows and changes. Even though the newborn photos were taken just two weeks before your reveal session, the change from what was taken during the session can be quite dramatic. You will definitely see a growth spurt in the first 4 weeks. It’s truly amazing how quickly these little people change, which is why we need to document them when they are this tiny!

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to capture this milestone in your life! I will be able to tell you about all the amazing things we have at the studio that you can use to receive additional memories if you fill out the contact form now!

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